• Strength Starts Within

    Strength Starts Within is our mantra. No Timid Souls believes that nothing worth doing is easy, and celebrates those with the inner strength to step into the arena.

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  • Woman in starting blocks ready to run a race

    Athlete Support

    Athletes inspire us because they give all of themselves in the pursuit of their dreams. Supporting athletes is close to our hearts, and until Feb 17, we will give $1 to our athletes for each new insta follower.

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  • The Power of Exercise

    The power of exercise to impact our physical and mental health is extraordinary. Recent research continues to build on a compelling body of work.

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  • Latest Research

    We love being up to date with the latest research. Did you know the length of the muscle during resistance training can impact muscle growth?

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  • Workout inducing apparel

    The right premium performance apparel not only ensures you stay comfortable and focused, but it holds a hidden secret. It also makes you want to work out!

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  • Recycled Materials

    80% of our products use recycled materials. Our goal is to make this 100% without compromising product quality. The use of the recycled materials in our fabrics reduces waste, reduces emissions, and ensures our products work better and feel better.

  • B Corp Commitment

    B Corp is an audited program that supports business in meeting and improving their social and environmental standards. We are committed to achieving B Corp certification in the first 12 months of operation. Stay tuned!

  • Physiology

    Our sportswear is designed with exercise physiology front and centre to ensure it supports your body's natural responses. The outcome - sportswear that performs and feels amazing to wear.

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  • Biomechanics

    How we move during exercise impacts how sportswear should be designed. Our designs are founded in biomechnical principles and optimised for comfort, fit, stretch, moisture wicking, and breathability.

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  • Fabric

    We are obsessed with constantly seeking better fabric. Better fabric means amazing hand feel with exceptional moisture wicking and breathablility. It also helps achieve engineered airflow or insulation when you need it.

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  • Construction

    Biomechanics inform the best way to create a frictionless wearing experience. There are many construction decisions that we obsess over in order to create a frictionless environment for the wearer.

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  • Fit

    We engineer the fit that matches the activity. For a product to keep you cool, it needs moisture wicking and airflow. To keep warm, we need to combine limited airflow with moisture wicking so that a layer of warm air wraps your skin, while helping you stay dry.

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