• Mind over matter

    The physical benefits of product that works better and feels better are critically important. But the physical benefits are only part of the story.

    Research shows that the clothes we wear can have a significant impact on our behaviour.

    For instance, people wearing lab coats have been shown to be more attentive to tasks. Their behaviour is influenced by the symbolism in the clothes they are wearing. The phrase 'Enclothed Cognition'* has been coined to explain the phenomenon.

    This can be also be extrapolated to sportswear. We all know the feeling of putting on the right sportswear. It puts us in the mood to workout because of the symbolism connected with the apparel. These little nudges can have a big impact in keeping us on track to achieve our goals.

    Here's one more amazing aspect of the research. In the experiments, participants who wore a supposed doctor's coat versus those who wore a supposed painter's coat, performed better on an attention-related task. Demonstrating that the symbolic meaning we place in the clothes we wear can influence our performance.

    *Adam, Hajo; Galinsky, Adam D. (2012-07-01)."Enclothed cognition".Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.48(4): 918–925

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