47% of Australia's international athletes earn less than $23K / year!

This is not sustainable. Our goal is to build a large like-minded community that can make a difference. Facilitated by a dedicated crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to contribute directly to athletes, and maximises their community and financial support.

You can make us pay $5,000 to an inspirational Olympian and Paralympian and we’ll be happy to do it!

For every new Insta follower of No Timid Souls between now and Feb 17, we’ll contribute $1 to Riley Day and Matt Formston. They will share equally in a maximum of $5,000. Follow us here

  • Matt Formston

    The surf at Nazaré is often called the “Mt Everest of the Ocean”. Imagine the inner strength required to surf Nazaré…as a legally blind person with 5% vision. Meet Matt Formston, aiming to ride the biggest wave ever by a legally blind surfer. 

  • Riley Day

    How to build the inner strength to be an Olympian…Grow up in a rural town. Work at a supermarket. Study at uni. Help your community. Train the house down. Bounce back from adversity.

    That’s how Riley Day does it!