47% of Australia's international athletes earn less than $23K / year!

This is not sustainable. Our goal is to build a large like-minded community that can make a difference. Facilitated by a dedicated crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to contribute directly to athletes, and maximises their community and financial support.

Meet the athletes

The first two inspirational athletes on the No Timid Souls Athlete Crowdfunding platform are Olympian, Riley Day, and Paralympian and World Champion Surfer, Matt Formston.

  • Matt Formston

    The surf at Nazaré is often called the “Mt Everest of the Ocean”. Imagine the inner strength required to surf Nazaré…as a legally blind person with 5% vision. Meet Matt Formston, aiming to ride the biggest wave ever by a legally blind surfer. 

  • Riley Day

    How to build the inner strength to be an Olympian…Grow up in a rural town. Work at a supermarket. Study at uni. Help your community. Train the house down. Bounce back from adversity.

    That’s how Riley Day does it!