• Muscle Growth

    Recent research investigating the impact of hamstring curls on injury prevention also provided an interesting finding in respect of muscle hypertrophy (growth).

    Researchers compared the impact of prone hamstring curls versus seated hamstring curls.

    Interestingly, the research found that seated curls resulted in greater muscle gains than prone curls.

    The researchers' hypothesis is that the positive impact on muscle growth when doing a seated curl compared with the prone curl is due to the increased length of the hamstrings during a seated curl. We look forward to the findings of any future research into this hypothesis. In the meantime, we'll be doing seated hamstring curls!

    Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2021 Apr 1;53(4):825-837.

    Greater Hamstrings Muscle Hypertrophy but Similar Damage Protection after Training at Long versus Short Muscle Lengths

    Sumiaki Maeo , Meng Huang , Yuhang Wu , Hikaru Sakurai , Yuki Kusagawa ,

    Takashi Sugiyama , Hiroaki Kanehisa , Tadao Isaka