Feels Better.

We admit it. We are obsessive about how our garments feel. We obsess over fabrics, and over construction and fit to make them feel amazing to wear.

Combining with the science geeks in our team, who equally obsess over technology to make the garment work better, delivers an unmatched product experience for our customers.

Learn what our science geeks consider in developing product that works better.


There is no way of getting around it. The fabric selection is absolutely critical to delivering an amazing product.

Developing better fabric is exacting work and requires an obsessive focus. It is not enough for our fabrics to just be very high wicking and breathable. They must also feel amazing and add to our sustainability commitment.

We are excited that at launch almost 70% of our fabrics will be uniquely developed for No Timid Souls and that 80% of our fabrics will use predominantly recycled materials (don't worry, 100% is the target).


We all know the feeling we get from a product that has beautiful construction versus one that we might say looks like some shortcuts were taken.

Great construction comes from exacting standards, operator skill and experience, as well as commitment to quality.

We are proud to be partnering with world class global manufacturing businesses which are not only the best in their field, but share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Woman Running


This might sound simple but translating a product into an anatomical design and ultimately deliver the right fit for the body is an exacting process.

As an example, our warm weather base layer running product uses a fit design that ensures air can flow around your body and create a cooling effective.

Alternatively, our cool weather mid layer running product use a mix of fit and fabric that traps a layer of air next to your skin while still allowing sweat to wick away quickly.