Works Better.

Obsessive attention to our fabrics, construction and the smallest product details creates a product that works better.

Exercise science and materials science form twin foundations to our exacting standards to ensure a product that works better and feels better.

The passion of our designers is to integrate these science-based insights in a way that ensures the product not only looks amazing, but feels amazing to wear and delivers next level performance during intense workouts.

Learn about our Feels Better obsession.

Exercise Physiology.

Homeostasis is a fancy word to describe the process of how your body stabilises itself to the changing demands you are placing on it

Your body is constantly working to balance the competing demands of delivering oxygen to your muscles and blood to your skin (to dissipate heat). Gradually this is further challenged by fluid loss through sweat. Finding and maintaining homeostasis allows you to keep working for longer.

Our sportswear is designed with exercise physiology front and centre to ensure it supports your body's natural response. The outcome - sportswear that feels amazing to wear and keeps you performing at your best.


How we move during exercise and sport obviously impacts how sportswear should be designed.

Some activities are simple movements consistently repeated while other involve many different complex movements. Consider how you move during a run versus a HIIT workout.

Our designs cater for these differences, providing construction and fabrics that optimise your comfort through cut, stretch, wicking, and breathability. And if the conditions require it - insulation.


There are the some obvious physical benefits of product that works great and feels great. But the obvious benefits are only part of the story.

Did you know that research shows that the clothes we wear can have positive psychological impacts? For instance, people wearing sportswear have been shown to be more interested and motivated to exercise through a process called 'Enclothed Cognition'*.

We all know that feeling that the right gear has on our mood. In our busy lives the right gear can help give us that extra nudge we need to step into the Arena.

*Adam, Hajo; Galinsky, Adam D. (2012-07-01)."Enclothed cognition".Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.48(4): 918–925