Tim Jackson talks product design

Tim Jackson talks product design

No Timid Souls sportswear starts from its very beginning about understanding the athlete and the human body. When we exercise, how does the body change? It sweats. Where does it sweat. It moves. How does it move.

Understanding the biomechanics, the physiology, and the psychology of product design is  really critical. That is the foundation of how we design our clothes.

If you don't understand that foundation, you can't focus your R&D on what's going to make that product work better. Depending on whether you're a runner, whether you're going to the gym to weight train or you might be a high intensity trainer in the gym. The product needs to be designed around what you are doing, what your body's doing.

I'm excited to be using my Masters in Exercise Science and obviously a long history in sport to bring the theory and practice together into our product design. From here we turn our attention to materials science and fabric development to identify and in most instances create a fabric that's going to meet the needs of that person and that athlete.

But it can feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Getting the balance of making sure that fabric feels fantastic and still works to the level of a high performance athlete is our most exacting work. At launch 75% of our fabrics will be developed specifically for No Timid Souls so we would have fabrics that meet our standards

And then once we locked that away, then we're into design. We're fortunate to be working with designers out of the London College of Fashion. So we know the product's going to look great but their brief is founded in our commitment to create product that works better and feels better.

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